How to Stop Bullies in the Workplace

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Recorded On: 10/27/2021

We hear stories about bullies all the time, mostly among school-age children and in school settings. But according to the Workplace Bullying Institute, 30% of employees have direct experience being bullied. This presentation provides an opportunity to learn the difference between harassment and bullying and will touch on the intersectionality of harassment, bullying and racism. Participants will understand the impact on their employees when this behavior is allowed to continue, and they will learn how to recognize, acknowledge and stop bullying in the legal profession.


  • Identify implicit and blatant bullying behaviors.
  • Analyze your own firms for a culture of silence that enables bullying behavior.
  • Distinguish between bullying and harassment behaviors. 
  • Implement actionable measures for stopping bullying in the workplace. 

Level: Intermediate

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Recorded 10/27/2021
Recorded 10/27/2021
1.00 hour CE CLM, HRCI, SHRM credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 hour CE CLM, HRCI, SHRM credit  |  Certificate available

Tiffany Ho

Tiffany Ho joined the legal industry in 2012 at a multinational law firm with offices in the United States and Asia. Since joining Rogoway Law Group’s San Francisco office in 2017, she oversees the firm’s human resources, finance, administrative operations, and marketing functionality as the Director of Operations. She works closely with the Managing Partner as a strategic partner on business planning and practice management. Tiffany is the Vice Chair of ALA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Committee (2021–2022). Prior to working in the legal industry, she spent over six years working with children and families with special needs. She remains a strong advocate to amplify voices that have been silenced and to empower those without power.

60 Minutes

CLM App: Organizational Development

CLM Functional Specialty: HR Management

CLM Recert: HR Management

HRCI Code: 549899

HRCI Type of Credit Requested: HR (General)

HRCI Functional Areas: Employee Relations and Engagement

SHRM - Activity 21-7TZNK

SHRM Learning Format: Instructor-Led Activity