Master Class 2021: Welcome and Opening Session: The Intersection of Identity and Racism: Loving US into Our Healing

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Recorded On: 04/28/2021

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In this session, presenter Erin Jones will provide suggestions for dispositions and behaviors that are necessary to prepare ourselves for the difficult conversations that must be had about race and justice. She will help us understand critical terminology and the big moves we all need to make to get to racial equity. You will be inspired by stories and encouraged to share elements of your own. You will be provided with recommendations for next steps to take beyond today. 


  • Recognize at least three postures to take to engage in hard conversations. 
  • Distinguish the difference between diversity work and equity work. 
  • Illustrate why conversations about race are critical in this moment, not just in political arenas but in everyday life. 

90 Minutes

CLM Application Eligible: Yes 

CLM App Management Category: Organizational Development 

CLM App Management Category -FS: Human Resources Management 

CLM Recertification Eligible: Yes 

HRCI category: General 

HRCI functional area: Employee Relations and Engagement 

HRCI Code: 557710

SHRM category: Global & Cultural Effectiveness; Leadership & Navigation 

SHRM learning format: Videoconferences, webcasts, audiocasts, podcasts, eBooks, self-directed E-Learning

SHRM: Activity 21-V9TG3

Erin Jones

independent education and systems consultant

Erin Jones is an independent education and systems consultant and public speaker. Jones has been involved with schools for the past 26 years, teaching in some of the most diverse communities in the nation. She has given two TEDx Talks, "Passion for Change" and "Be a Bridge," and has won multiple educator awards. She was recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change in March 2013, and in 2016 she became the first Black woman to run for any statewide office in Washington.


Conference Recording
Recorded 04/28/2021
Recorded 04/28/2021
1.50 CLM, HRCI, SHRM credit unit credits  |  Certificate available
1.50 CLM, HRCI, SHRM credit unit credits  |  Certificate available