Outlook Power Hour

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Recorded On: 06/04/2020

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Affinity Consulting experts will bring you a Power Hour of training on each of the tools you use most in the legal profession. There is so much more to Outlook than just sending and receiving emails. In this session, join Affinity Managing Partner Debbie Foster and Affinity Senior Consultant Danielle DavisRoe and learn how to maximize the way you use Outlook with shortcuts, quick steps, rules, integrated tasks, calendar, contacts, notes and more. This session will give you the confidence to power through your daily Outlook challenges. It also will include 50 minutes of training and 10 minutes of Q&A. 


  • Explore new ways to organize emails, calendar events and tasks efficiently. 
  • Discuss how to revise Outlook settings to reduce distractions. 
  • Discover and apply techniques for evaluating potential phishing emails. 

Audience: Intermediate 

$29 for members and $79 for nonmembers

60 Minutes 

CLM® Application Credit: 1 hour in Information Technology 

CLM® Application Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hour in the subject area of Operations Management (OM) towards the additional hours required of some Functional Specialists to fulfill the CLM application. 

CLM® Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Operations Management (OM)

Debbie Foster

Debbie Foster is a Partner with the Affinity Consulting Group, where she specializes in technology, process and management consulting for firms all over the country. In addition to regularly speaking for bar associations and other organizations on those topics, Foster is very involved with ALA and the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association. She was also the Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2010. 

Danielle DavisRoe

Danielle DavisRoe is a Senior Consultant with Affinity Consulting Group. A two-time graduate of The Ohio State University, she started her career as an attorney at a boutique firm in central Ohio. While practicing law, she discovered her passion for using technology to help attorneys work more efficiently. She joined Affinity Consulting Group to allow her to focus on her passion full-time. Today, DavisRoe focuses on providing law firms with training, document automation and process consulting.


Recorded 06/04/2020
Recorded 06/04/2020
1.00 hour CE credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 hour CE credit  |  Certificate available