Trimming the Fat

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Recorded On: 02/04/2016

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Being able to clearly and succinctly describe your vision or what you want done is one mark of an effective leader. Verbose writers create a confused (at best) or adversarial (at worst) audience through their long-winded writing. No one should have to read a sentence more than once, and this seminar will show you how to shed those words and make your writing concise by trimming the fat from your sentences. The result: lean and muscular ideas. 


  • Discuss why brevity is best
  • Identify how to delete radio static, ineffective intensifiers and obvious inferences 
  • Describe how to change your negatives to affirmatives 
  • Explain how to minimize adverbs, adjectives and prepositional phrases 
  • Summarize how to diagnose and fix abstract writing 
  • Determine how to avoid redundancies

$29 for members and $79 for nonmembers

CLM Application Credit: 1 hour in Writing Skills 

CLM Recertification Credit: 1 hour in the subject area of Communication/ Organizational Management (CM) 

CLMSM App Credit for Functional Specialists: 1 hour in the subject area of Communication/Organizational Management (CM) towards the additional hours required of some Functional Specialists to fulfill the CLM application.

Ben Opipari, Ph.D

Ben Opipari, Ph.D., is founder of Persuasive Matters where he delivers writing seminars and coaching to law firms around the world. He also writes for the Washington Post in both their legal writing and music sections. An educator for more than 20 years, he was the director of the writing center at Colgate University, and from 2006 to 2011, the writing instructor at Howrey LLP where he developed a writing curriculum for the firm’s 700 attorneys. 


Recorded 02/04/2016
Recorded 02/04/2016
1.00 hour CE credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 hour CE credit  |  Certificate available